Service commitment

Whether you are a distributor or a direct customer, you can enjoy the following commitments if you buy our products.

1. pledge of pledge

The products are operated in strict accordance with the ISO9001 standard. According to the contract standards, national standards and enterprise standards signed by both parties, the products can be provided to the users with qualified and satisfied products and meet the special design requirements proposed by the users.

2. unsatisfactory returnable promise

As long as the goods you purchased in zima company are not damaged in the package and the product itself, you can use the invoice in the company to handle unconditionally refunded (except for cut and made cable), and return the money on the same day.

3. lack of one claim ten promise

As long as you find that the actual number of meters is not consistent with the nominal number of meters, it is verified that there is a shortage of ten times the number of meters on the spot.

4. door delivery service commitment

The sales offices of Jincheng company provide delivery service in accordance with the principle of providing convenience to customers. As long as conditions permit, Jincheng company delivers door-to-door service to customers.

5. unsatisfactory complaint commitment

Please supervise the products and services of Jincheng company. Any complaints about the products and services provided by Jincheng company can be complains to the headquarters. We will give you a satisfactory answer to the questions you reflect in one working day. The company's 24 - hour complaint call: 0411-82720000 86780000

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